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The annual intercollegiate fest organized by Vishwakarma Institute of Technology. To act as a common platform for undergraduate engineering students from premier colleges all over the country, to participate and showcase their talent in various fields. Mélange is organized every year, during the month of either February or March. It is a 4-5 day event. During Mélange, a total of around 100+ events are conducted which can be segregated into four categories which include “ Technical”, “Sports”, ”Social”,” Extra-curricular”. The organization of these events in managed by “LEAD”, the Student Council of VIT Pune, under whose leadership, separate teams are formed to ensure smooth execution and a stellar event experience for all the events. Each year a theme is decided for Mélange, which is the backbone of the organization, it provides a specific structure to the events. The preparations for the event begin about almost a month prior to the actual event. An official opening and theme reveal ceremony is conducted, after which the publicity of the events begins, to garner as much participation as possible.